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Years of conversion testing has led Exclusive Concepts to an advanced website speed optimization service capable of cutting load time up to 73%, while instantly increasing conversion rate and revenue by 17.4% and 28% respectively on a recent test.

  • Site Speed Optimization using Site Optimizer™
Every Second Counts

When it comes to turning browsers into shoppers, every second of page load time counts. Just a one second delay has a serious impact on conversions, page views and customer satisfaction.

Delay in page load time

Site Optimizer is an easy-to-implement service that simplifies and streamlines your web pages - in real time - without touching your code or changing the look of your pages. It's enterprise-class, the most advanced solution of its kind, but available for stores like yours uniquely through Exclusive Concepts.

  • Deploys custom techniques to dynamically suit each browser type, a major oversight in most solutions 
  • Simplifies large, complex web pages
  • Predicts where your visitors are likely to go, and preloads page elements in their browser to have on standby
  • Optimizes your entire site for repeat visits and traffic flows
  • Prioritizes page elements so that the most important content loads first
  • Optimizes third-party content (display ads, analytics, social buttons), a major culprit in page slowdowns
  • Customizes techniques to suit each browser type

Case study: Learn how a top 500 retailer increased site speed by 73%, while dramatically increasing conversion rate, cart size, and overall revenue (READ NOW).


"Our main concern was delivering a faster user experience... but the gains ended up being so much better than we expected. I am now very impressed with Site Optimizer and Exclusive Concepts' service." - IR 500 Client

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Exclusive Concepts, Inc. has formed an unique partnership with Strangeloop, the leading developer of technology that makes sites faster, to offer its enterprise-level solution as a hosted service.

Introducing: Site Optimizer.

Site Optimizer works behind the scenes of your website to optimize its speed and performance. Since every website is different, Site Optimizer is always learning new ways to optimize the performance of your website, and it implements what it learns automatically. But Site Optimizer does not treat all of your visitors the same way. It applies special treatments for visitors based on the following factors:

- What browser are they using?

- Are they a new or return visitor?

- Are they on a PC/Mac, or are they mobile?

- Where on your site are they likely to click next?

As a Site Optimizer customer, you will benefit from more than $20 Million worth of research and development focussed on improving the speed and performance of websites.

Why Get Started
Site Optimizer automatically optimizes for different browsers. Key features:
  • Optimizes your site at the DNS level - no changes to your store are necessary
  • Dynamically learns how to speed up your site
  • Delays non critical scripts to improve the user's perception of load time
  • Intelligently pre-loads parts of your site before shoppers browse to them
  • Pre-loads the shopping cart
  • Minimizes server calls and "round-trips" to speed-up return visits
  • Consolidates and minifies external javascripts and CSS
  • Compresses images automatically
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • Instant-on backup to minimize downtime
  • And much more (but we'll spare you the tech talk for now)
  • How much faster will Site Optimizer make my site? It depends. Please sign-up for our "test your site" offer, and we will show you how much faster Site Optimizer can make your site. Remember, in addition to helping your site load faster, Site Optimizer makes your site appear to load faster too, which can have a big impact on conversions and sales.
  • How does it work? When shoppers visit your site, they pass through something called a "DNS." It is at that point that Site Optimizer rapidly identifies what browser your visitor is using, and serves up various treatments that will allow visitors to view and browse your site faster. As your visitor continues to browse your site, treatments are applied that increase speed, and the perception of speed.
  • What's the ROI? That depends on how much traffic you get. Imagine the scenario where your site gets 5 million visitors per year, has an average conversion rate of 1%, and an average order value of $50. If Site Optimizer can help you to increase your conversion rate by 20%, it would generate an extra $500,000 per year in sales. In such a scenario, your ROI could be 2,000% per year.
  • What happens if it goes down? If Site Optimizer goes down, a back-up server will begin working instantaneously. If that back-up server goes down too, visitors see your site as they normally would without Site Optimizer. To activate Site Optimizer, you will need to manage your store's DNS through a service like DNSMadeEasy (the largest Enterprise DNS provider, which has offered 8 years of continuous 100% uptime).
  • Does it work for Yahoo! stores? Yes. Recently we've deployed and run a test of Site Optimizer on one of the largest Yahoo! stores. We observed a significant increase in conversion rate and overall revenue.
  • What does it cost? Cost will vary based on the size of your store, but introductory pricing is currently available. Qualified stores will also receive a 30-day free trial.
Site Optimizer makes your pages load up to 3X faster. Seamlessly, flawlessly, automatically.

Companies that use Site Optimizer experience huge benefits immediately:

ROI withing months


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